About the " Extension of Lunar New Year Holidays for Schools in Hong Kong"

日期: 26/01/2020

26th January, 2020 

Dear parents,  

Welcome to the Year of the Golden Rat! Wish you all good health and all the best!  

Due to the recent increase in the number of confirmed and suspected cases of new 

coronavirus infections, the risk of the virus spreading in densely populated areas 

may increase in the short term. To protect the health of school children, the 

Education Bureau in January On the 25th, all schools in Hong Kong (including 

kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools and special schools) will be 

extended to the Lunar New Year holiday until February 16 (ie, classes will resume 

on February 17). 


During the original scheduled school days, schools should keep their premises 

open. Our school will arrange suitable number of staff to be on duty to look after 

students who have to go back to school otherwise, they would be unattended at 

home, and handle school affairs and parents' enquiries. If parents need to arrange 

your children to come to school, please contact the school office by calling 

21785700 on or before 1st February. However, parents need to be aware that they 

need drop off and pick up the students on their own. Also, they need to prepare 

lunch for their children.  


 We call on students to stay at home as far as possible during the extended 

period of school holidays. Schools can provide learning materials to students 

through emails, school homepages and other effective means, including online 

resources from Hong Kong Education City and other educational websites to 

facilitate students' self-learning at home.  


     We call on parents to enhance home-school co-operation and take proper care 

of their children, pay more attention to environmental and personal hygiene, and 

avoid allowing their children to go to overcrowded places so as to reduce the risk 

of infection.  


     Our school is going to make good preparation for class resumption during this 

period, eg preparing for cleaning and disinfection items to cater for the needs of 

individual students. In addition, we will thoroughly clean the premises to ensure 

a clean and hygienic environment, as well as strengthening health education.  


 Parents are requested to pay close attention to the latest news released 

by the Education Bureau, our school's eClass, and the school's website to 

understand the latest arrangements in response to the new coronavirus outbreak. 


Best regards, 

Ms Wai Suk Ching 

The Principal